It’s Not Your Calls-To-Action, It’s You!

It’s Not Your Calls-To-Action, It’s You!

On average, car dealerships respond to leads in which a potential buyer leaves their email address or phone number in three to five hours, however dealership’s that respond to inquiries within ten minutes are 300% more likely to get a potential buyer to visit their dealership.*

Does This Sound Familiar?

Car dealerships seem to be on a never-ending search to find calls-to-action that will capture more leads from their website. Vendors seem more than happy to oblige by coming up with the next “big thing” all of the time.

The Problem

There is just one problem: None of it really matters.

Now I am not saying that you should not have calls-to-action on your website, but you have to understand why it’s highly overstated that a specific call-to-action will increase conversions:

First, no matter how enticing a call-to-action may be it will not convince a person who is not interested in a particular car to click on it.

Second, even if a particular call-to-action is highly effective you are limited on where you can place it (generally your own website/mobile site) so you miss capturing leads from sites that produce high-volume traffic.

Finally – and this is the most important point – the staff at the average car dealership does not respond to the inquiries that these calls-to-action generate in a timely manner, if at all.

The Solutions

Study after study has shown that it’s the Vehicle Details Page that really matters. Quality photos (the more the better), informative and engaging comments and pricing are all required to capture the interest of a potential buyer. A quality VDP will do more to attract and entice a potential buyer to contact you – and they will find a way to contact you – than almost any other action.

The great thing about a high-quality VDP – and one of the reasons they are so effective – is that they show everywhere your inventory is listed. Unlike a call-to-action, your VDP will look the same on your website, mobile site,,, etc.

(For those of you who have trouble coming up with compelling information on your VDP’s, I would highly recommend Dealer Assist Now ( They have a library of hand-written comments that will help improve your VDP’s).

Getting back to the calls-to-action, above we identified three reasons that calls-to action are not as important as many believe. While we cannot change the fact that a potential buyer may not be interested in contacting your dealership after viewing a particular vehicle(s), we do have some recommendations to solve the other two issues.



First, there is a way to place a call to action on every single vehicle in your inventory that will be seen everywhere you advertise your vehicles – and it is easy to do. Use your vehicle photos to show special offers. Since the photos will appear everywhere you advertise your inventory, your offers will appear there as well. We have some great examples of how these special offers work on our website ( The important thing to notice is that we require the potential buyer to text to receive the offer details. When they text to receive your special offer we capture their phone number, which allows your staff to follow up with them.



Second, there is also a way to make sure every lead that you designate as needing a follow up phone call will receive one – the instant a lead comes in. Our call technology ( integrates with any call-to-action on your website or any other site. The moment a lead comes in, we instantly dial as many of your staff as you designate. When one of your staff answers our call and presses “2″ to accept the lead, we relay the lead information to them and automatically dial the potential buyer. Seconds after a lead has arrived we are putting your staff in contact with the potential buyer! Take a look at the chart and you will see just how important it is to contact a potential buyer quickly.

Final Analysis

Replacing one call-to-action with another is fools gold. It does not address the core problems. Take our advice. Improve your VDP’s, entice potential buyers on any site where you advertise your vehicles with special offers and make sure you follow up with every lead FAST and you will increase your conversions. It’s that easy, yet few dealerships ever do it.


*Larry Bruce, CEO OnlineDrive