Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

It will depend on your window sticker company and how often your data feeds are updated with each of the sites where your inventory is displayed, but we are generally live on most sites within 3 days.

How do we get the special offer image on our vehicle photos?

After you sign up we will contact you to get the information we need to add the image overlay to your photos. Generally your window sticker company is the right contact and we take care of connecting with them to get your offer enticement up and running smoothly.

Is there a unique offer for each vehicle?

No. That would require an overlay of a different offer code for every vehicle which would not be supported by your window sticker company. The goal is to obtain contact information, so it would not be much added value to have offers for each vehicle. NOTE: We recommend that the offer page we set-up references that manufacturer rebates may apply, which is a further enticement for a potential buyer to want to discuss things with your staff.

Can we have different offers for new and pre-owned vehicles?

Most window sticker companies do support a different overlay for new and pre-owned – and some for CPO vehicles as well. As long as your window sticker company does that we are happy to create separate offers for each.

Do the offers have to be extravagent?

The special offers that you choose to make available do not need to be budget-breakers. First, the potential buyer will not see the offer until you have their phone number so there is no chance they will decide not to request an offer based on the offer itself. Second – and very important – you want to make sure your offer does not upset or disappoint your potential buyer.

Simple things like vehicle discounts (that are only valid if presented upon arrival), free oil changes and special warranty coverages are just a few examples of successful offers.

How do we change the offers?

Just email us at or call us at 866-255-9855 and press “2″ for Service and we will be happy to assist.

How often can we change offers?

As often as you would like. We do recommend you keep offers static for at least 30 days at a time.

How can I use the text option on other platforms – like direct mailers or print ads?

If you plan to make the same offer on those other platforms and you have no need to track the leads separately you can simply use the same offer code.

If you would like to have different offers or if you would like to track the leads separately, please email us at or call us at 866-255-9855 and press “2″ for Service and we will be happy to assist.

Can you send leads to my CRM?

Yes, we can. You can give us that information as part of the order process and we will send leads to your CRM.

Do you offer reporting?

Yes. We can push reports on the leads generated as well as the phone call success rate to you as often as you would like.

How do we change the phone numbers that are called when an offer is requested?

Just email us at or call us at 866-255-9855 and press “2″ for Service and we will be happy to assist.

Will my phone ring at midnight if someone requests an offer at that time?

Only if you would like it to ring. Our default set-up is to ring your phone(s) only during your published business hours. After-hours we “park” your calls and begin to ring you in a staggered fashion when you re-open.

Yes! We can connect our call technology to any form on your website or elsewhere. It’s a simple process to get started. Just give us a call at 866-255-9855 and we will be happy to help. The charge is only $1.50 per lead generated with no monthly minimums.

Can our billing schedule be set-up to better meet our needs?

Absolutely. Just give us a call at 866-255-9855 and press “2″ for Service and we will be happy to assist.

Do you accept checks?

We only accept credit card payments and with your order you will set up a recurring payment on your credit card. These steps help us keep our costs low.

How do I cancel my account?

We certainly don’t like to lose a customer, however we understand things change in business. We make it easy for you to cancel. Simply email us at or call us at 866-255-9855 and press “2″ for Service and we will assist you without a hassle and discontinue future recurring billing on your account.