Sales Agents

Thank you for considering representing ProspectEngage. We offer outstanding opportunities for sales representatives to build a reliable income. Some of the benefits of working with ProspectEngage include:

  • Monthly, recurring commissions for as long as your customer does business with ProspectEngage.
  • Access to online brochures and marketing materials.
  • Online contacts for easy customer sign-up.
  • Weekly commissions paid via ACH right to your bank.
  • Access to new products as they are launched (we have two active products and two others in final Beta testing) – and more are in the pipeline.
  • Full support for both our sales representatives and your customers.
  • Very high customer retention rates!

ProspectEngage’s business model is focused on offering lead generation tools for automobile dealerships. Our tools make offer presentation and communication seamless for our dealer-customers. We have found it’s not just about generating leads – it’s about generating leads AND making sure the dealership staff have the tools and systems to follow-up with those leads.

To learn more about our services please take a look at the information on the links provided below. We have also provided a link that will allow you do download our Sales Agent Agreement to review.


Visit the ProspectEngage home page to see how our lead generation service works Visit the ProspectCall website to see how our call technology works

Online Brochures:

Presentation Brochure Tri-fold Brochure

Download Sales Agent Agreement:

Once you have reviewed the information on the links above as well as the Sales Agent Agreement please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the opportunity with you in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you!


Bill Pardue 832 620 8558

Here are some common questions that are asked about our opportunity:

How much money can I make? There are no caps on earning with ProspectEngage. You earnings will depend on your production. We pay a 40% commission on our ProspectEngage product and a 20% commission on our ProspectCall product. On average you could expect a customer to receive a minimum of 50 leads per month with ProspectEngage, which would equate to a $200.00 commission each month. With ProspectCall the commission opportunity will depend on how many lead sources that you connect to the service. Dealerships receive hundreds, even thousands of leads a month so the opportunity is substantial. If a particular dealer customer received 400 leads from ProspectCall (ProspectEngage includes the ProspectCall service, which helps dealerships to understand the service) you would receive a monthly commission of $160.00. These of course are just examples and the leads your dealer-customers receive will vary (and may even be higher).

How long have you been in business? We have been in business since 2009. We started out offering live chat software and services and built our business into one of the leading chat companies in the automotive sector. We sold our chat business to the leading chat provider in the sector at the end of 2013 so we could focus on our new products and services.

How many customers do you currently have? We do not publish financial or financially-related information as we are a privately-held company. We do have a solid base of customers and are growing rapidly.

Do I need to have experience selling to car dealerships to be successful? The short answer is “no”. The longer answer is “probably”. While our products are easy to understand and sell, we do not offer extensive training that would likely be necessary for someone with no experience in selling to car dealerships, so having contacts in the industry or at the very least an understanding of how dealerships work is probably needed.

Can your services be sold over the phone? We have not focused on phone sales, however if that is a skill that you have and you also have contacts within the automotive industry there is no reason you could not sell our services over the phone.

Are the exclusive territories? We do not offer exclusive territories as a starting point. We will consider exclusive territories for sales agents who are having success selling our services.

Can I offer other products or services from other companies while selling your services? Yes. For those offering alternate services you must be clear to your potential customers/customers that our services are not related to any other services that you are offering.

How do I get credit for my sales? Our online order form includes a drop-down that will list your name. When ordering the customer simply needs to select your name from the drop-down as part of their order. We recommend that you walk them through the order form to be sure they complete it properly.