Brett Oubre
On our second chat lead we closed a sale with a $7,000 gross! The leads we receive are high-quality and the chat dialogue of the ProspectEngage operators is something we would want every salesperson at our dealership to say to a customer.

- Brett Oubre, Lakeside Ford

Rich Poe
Thank you for the tremendous service you have provided us with ProspectEngage.
After reading some of the great feedback from your customers I cautiously decided to give it a whirl on a trial basis. I was reluctant to turn our chat customers over to a vendor but the volume was growing to the point that we couldn’t effectively answer them all in a timely manner. We are blown away by the results. Your team does a top notch job of handling our chat customers. Quick responses, courteous, and get either an appointment, phone number, or email address (and sometimes all three) on the majority of chat leads.
We are thrilled with your services!
Thanks for everything!

- Rich Poe, Rob Sight Ford

Stuart Seifreit
Your staff is doing an outstanding job answering customer’s questions and obtaining their contact information. Please tell them to keep up the good work.

- James Dryden, Osteen VW

Stuart Seifreit
I would like to say what a wonderful job your company has performed over the past months. Your staff is the most professional and well trained staff I’ve had the chance to work with. You (Don O’Connor) personally have done a great service for our company. I would personally recommend ProspectEngage to anyone looking to improve their chats online.

- Stuart Seifreit, Jarrett Gordon Ford Lincoln

Brandon Gandy
Mary just wanted to send you a quick note that you guys do a great job with the chats and we really appreciate it!! Keep it up!! :)

- Brandon Gandy, Victory Chevrolet

Angela Martin
…your product blows ContactAtOnce! out of the water.

- Angela Martin, Feldmann Imports

Jason Walter
ProspectEngage has become an integral part of our e-commerce process…a no brainer for any dealership that is serious about engaging their online customers.

- Jason Walter, Ross Downing Chevrolet

Jim Tompkins
Doing great. Thanks for all that you do. You guys are doing a great job!

- Jim Tompkins, United BMW of Roswell

Ryan Baxter
…the transcripts were quite impressive. They (ProspectEngage’s’s professionally-trained chat representatives) seem to handle the chats very well…I was impressed with the way they chatted, much more than I had thought I would be.

- Ryan Baxter, Kayser Automotive

Deb Bock
I was a little skeptical when I was presented ProspectEngage versus the other chat company that we were considering for a managed chat service. You rarely expect the company with the lowest price to have the best products and services – but WOW! Well worth it. Our first month, we closed almost 50% of our leads. I would highly recommend ProspectEngage to anyone interested in getting into online chat.

- Deb Bock, Lancaster Toyota Mazda Scion and Lancaster Toyota’s Used Car Center

Judson Barteaux
Switching from our previous chat provider to ProspectEngage’s fully-managed live chat solution was one of the best decisions we have made. Your personnel are great with the customers and the leads you send are easy to read, concise and extremely well done.

- Judson Barteaux, Orlando Infiniti & Jaguar of Orlando

Thomas Leracitano
ProspectEngage has increased our customer satisfaction in every department (and) contributed to extra sales that we may have missed otherwise.

- Thomas Ieracitano, Robert Hutson CDJ and Ford

Pat cooper
I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the chat service your company provides to Gator Ford. I would highly recommend your service to any dealer.

- Pat Cooper, Gator Ford

Sal Rigorso
ProspectEngage has been an absolute eye opening experience for us. At first I did not think many people would like to just “Chat” with someone online. Then the more I got to thinking about it. (and it has proven to me) It is what we all do every day to our friends and family “TEXTING!” It’s really no different and it has our customers more engaged than you sending emails and waiting on responses. These online chats have turned into a much more valuable tool then email responses. The closing ratio is up there with a traditional “phone up”. We have had more success with a phone call than an email to date. Now that we are online chatting we are capturing a client that we would not have before. It’s immediate, professional and I even get alerts via text that PE is chatting at that moment. What’s great is if I’m busy, I get an immediate email with the chat transcript and I can hop on the phone right away to keep it engaged. Thanks to all of PE’s professionalism and my sales are going Up. Worth every penny!!!

- Sal Rigorso, Summerville Ford