ProspectShow– Training Information

ProspectShow was designed to be a flexible lead generating for your website. We can work with you to provision ProspectShow as an incentive offer, a discount offer or even as just an announcement of a special event or really any other “popup” announcment on your site. ProspectShow can also be provisioned to require visitor information be filled out (so you will have contact information for follow up or without any information required, as in the case of an announcement). For announcements or special events the pop-up can link to any page on your site – or any page that may be off of your site as well. Like we said, we are flexible.

That brings up the question of how do you change the offers showing on your website.

Gift Card Offers:

When ProspectEngage is handling the gift card offer provisioning for your business, we will give you a list of gift card options (up to 3) to provision. If you would like to change one of more of the card offerings please use the contact form on your account page to notify us. We will make the change within 24 hours, but generally much sooner.

When your business is handing out cards in-house we can change the gift card offering at any time to any card(s) that you choose and will provision the changes within 24 hours as well.

Discount Offers:

You can serve discount offers to your website visitors and change them at any time. The changes will take effect in 24 hours. We recommend no more than 3 offers (1 or 2 is recommended) at a time be presented.

Special Event Announcements:

If you would like to offer a Special Event offer or a simple announcement please contact us via your account page at least 48 hours in advance and let us know the timing of the event or offer. If the change is to the gift card or discount offer you are currently running please specify the changes and the start and end times and what offer to revert to after the special offer expires. If there is a specific graphic we are to run please email that graphic to in addition to your message and include information on any URL links as well.

Pausing the Service:

You can pause or change the services at any time for any reason. Simply message us from your account page and we will apply the changes within 24 hours, but again, generally much faster.