William Pardue

William B. Pardue, Jr.
Email: bill.pardue@prospectengage.com


October 2009 – Present ProspectEngage, President

· Responsible for Sales, Service and Operations for fast-growing technology company specializing in lead-generation for websites.

March 2001 to October 2009 –  AutoTrader.com, Senior Director, Customer Solutions

· Received four promotions in six years.
· Number One Sales Producer in Company in 2001 out of 200+ Consultants.
· Promoted to Sales Manager after nine months. Managed team of 10 salespeople and led them to the number 2 position in sales growth (out of 24 Districts).
· Selected as one of four (out of 25) managers to receive advanced training by Corporate Officers.
· Promoted to Regional Sales Manager and led team of 45+ sales professionals from $22 million in annual billing to $32 million (45% growth) in one year. Grew an additional 11% in Q1 of 2006.
· Promoted to Director of CRM to help company navigate to common platform for all (service, sales, marketing and billing) departments.
· Promoted to Sr. Director and led development and launch of successful Corporate Help Desk. Also led the company’s credit and collections efforts and, even in the most challenging economy in decades, drove delinquency and credits to historical lows for the company, while keeping write-offs under budget. In this role also managed all legal agreements with the company’s dealer customers.

June 1999 – March 2001 –  Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance, Inc., Manager

· Hired to manage new “Buy Center” that was to have opened in the year 2000 for automobile finance division. Company changed plans due to buyout. Offered alternate position.

1996 to June 1999  - Harborside Acceptance Co., Regional Sales Manager

· Marketed and underwrote sub-prime automobile loans to Franchise and Independent dealerships. No limit on underwriting authority.
· Third-leading agent in production from over twenty-five agents.
· Worked directly for and interacted daily with the President of Company who founded the sub-prime automobile finance industry.

1994 – 1996 WFS Financial, Assistant Vice President – Branch Manager

· Received two promotions in two years.
· Operated flagship branch in Texas and attained nearly one million dollars in profit the first year of operation. Built branch from ground zero to nearly $20 million in receivables within two years.
· Full P&L responsibility, handled all personnel decisions and highest loan authority of any Manager within the Company.
· Assisted Regional Vice President with oversight of nine branch offices.
· Managed staff of twenty employees and had six subordinates promoted to outside operations.

1989 to 1994 – California Thrift and Loan, Loan Underwriter

· Received five promotions in five years.
· As Collection Manager for $40 million+ branch, maintained loan delinquency less than one percent for over one year.
· As Marketing Manager increased production over 500% in New Mexico/Colorado territory.
· As Underwriter built and managed number one territory for both production and delinquency in $100 million loan center.


University of Texas at Austin. Bachelor of Business Administration – Management.


 “…I have known (Bill) both professionally and personally for nine years. It has been my pleasure to be associated with him first in a professional manner, as an employee. Bill quickly established himself as an excellent employee. Within a short period of time he became the standard by which new employees were measured. He promoted through four different positions during my association with him and excelled at each level. Bill brings both an accomplished work history and more importantly a high level of integrity. This is of great worth in any industry today.

Personally, Bill has displayed the character as a person that caused me to break one of my long-standing rules when managing people. I do not get personally involved with people whom I manage. This avoids an conflicts that obviously could occur. With Bill, because of our mutual interests and his strong character, we did become friends. We have remained friends for several years and try to keep each other involved with our family’s lives as well as the development of our professional careers.

I would strongly recommend Bill in whatever endeavor he decides to pursue.”

Douglas Mitchell
Vice President, Bay View Credit (formerly California Thrift and Loan)

“…Bill’s hard work and dedication has been an important asset to our company.

One of the qualities Bill strongly portrays is that of a team leader. He has supported our other representatives and is always willing to assist Corporate in any project requested of him…it would be an honor to work with him again…He would be an asset to any organization he affiliates himself with.”

Dick Greco
President, Harborside Acceptance Company, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of hiring Bill in March of 2001. It was quite a surprise a couple of months later when he became the number one sales producer in the nation…Bill quickly became the team leader who everyone was looking to for advice. His leadership skills are second to none. I have never met someone who can so quickly read a situation and adapt in a positive way. His ability to read what is going to happen and proactively take care of the situation ahead of time is incredible…If you hire Bill you will not be disappointed.”

Brett K Oubre
President, Brett Oubre, L.L.C

“Bill has the exceptional ability of seeing the big picture while not missing out on the details. His knowledge of his business, customers, and other employees is so all-encompassing that it makes you wonder if he ever sleeps! He is calm under pressure and handles even the most fragile and stressful situations with a commanding presence. I learned more working for Bill in 2 years then I had learned in my 6 previous years of sales.”

Joshua McFall
Internet Consultant, AutoTrader.com 

“Bill is a great business partner. He makes his business objectives clear and works closely with you to come up with the right solution. He has great focus, great leadership skills, and is a true professional throughout.”

Sameer Nanda
Systems Engineering Manager, AutoTrader.com

 “Bill is easy to work with as a business partner. We worked closely together for about a year on joint initiatives between IT and Customer Operations. Bill was good at voicing his issues and concerns when things weren’t going well, and he would stop and tell you good job when it was deserved. He was clear on what he wanted, and he would work with you to devise a solution that met his goals.”

John Faircloth
Sr. Manager, Sales & Service Technology, AutoTrader.com

“Bill is a great leader here at ATC. I really enjoyed working for Bill and hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future. Bill has a laid back management style, but I learned so much valuable information from him on how to improve myself on multiple fronts. He is extremely smart in the business-savvy sense, as well as a person and manager who truly cares about the people he interacts with. I highly recommend Bill in any executive level position. He has proven to be successful in any management position I have known him to hold. His ability to remain calm and put things into perspective is an art. Bill is smart, motivating and is a great role model for all.”

Nancy Pietrosewicz (Carswell)
Initiatives Manager, Autotrader.com

“Bill’s outgoing personality made it easy to relate to him being brand new to the company. He always took the time to explain new programs and ideas in a way that inspired the sales team. AutoTrader.com is lucky to have someone on their Senior Management team that is not only smart, but relatable.”

Nicki Mickels
Account Manager, AutoTrader.com

“While I was the regional Business Manager and Bill was the Regional Sales Manager, we worked together extensively developing policy and practices for a top performing sales region. Bill has a solid grasp of not only the sales function but also the activities that support the sales function. While he did not agree with every idea he always responded in a professional manner that allowed a good solution to be developed and implemented. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Brown
Director Sales Finance, AutoTrader.com

“Besides being one of the smartest people I have ever had an opportunity to work with, Bill is also skilled at determining and resolving obstacles that stand in the way of making money, he is a team player and a big picture thinker.” 

Amy Radtke
Advertising Consultant, AutoTrader.com

“Bill is one of the most honest, focused, delivery oriented people I know with a clear customer -focused mind set.  He is a sales guy with an operational focus.  It is always a pleasure working with Bill – a trusted partner who can deliver!”

Mark Sohl
Chief Information Officer, AutoTrader.com